Powers Stromberg Pension
Consulting is an independent expert.

Powers Stromberg Pension Consulting is the right company to design, implement and maintain your plan. Why? Experience and Commitment.

Experience - Since 1972, Mark Powers has been providing expert advice for retirement plans. Our company is made up of experienced professionals from the fields of law, accounting and qualified plan administration. We are members of the National Institute of Pension Administrators, American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries, the Washington State Bar Association and the Society of Financial Service Professionals. We are independent experts whose sole interest is in providing professional, objective advice in establishing and maintaining pension and benefit programs. We work with attorneys, accountants and investment advisors to make sure that our plans meet the needs of the individual client and have established and maintained hundreds and hundreds of plans. We have the background and experience to make sure your plan is right for you.

Commitment - Powers Stromberg Pension Consulting is larger than some of our competitors and smaller than others. And we do this on purpose. We are large enough to have two attorneys committed to plan design and compliance issues every day. We are large enough to have a primary and secondary plan administrator assigned to every client, so you have a person to talk to who knows your plan and your issues. We are large enough to handle plans with hundreds of employees and millions of dollars of assets. We are also small enough that we know and understand every client and each plan. We don't have client numbers, we have client names. We are small enough to offer excellent service and attention to every phone call, every inquiry, and every client.

Powers Stromberg Pension Consulting is an independent expert. We do not sell investment products to retirement plans. Our fees are transparent, understandable and appropriate for each plan. We invite you to give us a call or email us at info@ps-pension.com to find out how our experience and commitment can benefit your plan and your company.

We look forward to hearing from you.